Sunday, August 9, 2009

15 Lou Ferrigno's Pictures As The Incredible Hulk

Shot of David Banner and the monster inside!

Face shot of Lou and The Hulk!

Standing ready to smash his enemies!

Here is in the middle of New York City wearing shoes! LOL!...

The Monster vs. his creator!

Showing off his sexy side! :D

Ferrigno proving everyone that the muscles are really his!

Reaping his brand new t-shirt... What a wates! LOL!...

Shadow picture with his nemesis as background!

Giving us a powerful entrance!

He's all green, but has excellent white teeth!...

Picture effect with David Banner and the monster inside!...

Hulk graving is weak side! LOL!...

Lou demonstrating his physical skills!

You can deny that Lou Ferrigno did an excellent Hulk in the 80's TV show... And even now he still got it! He still a very big and muscular man! That's why I decide to post some of the best pictures he got as the Incredible Hulk!


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